Friday, November 04, 2005

Fly in Craig Scott's birthday outfit. This is early morning, he may have been here all night! Back in the Saddle again!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

As the sun sets over Kanab, UT, the RRR is almost history. Jack & Barb,Karl and Bev, all did a lot of work. Others helped too, It was an excellent rally. The buffet line tonight was plentiful and good. As with every VROC gathering, old friendships were renewed, and new ones made. A few have left, but most will ride out in the morning, in all different directions. There are forest fires all around us, and more thunder and lightning storms are in the forecast. I'm sure there will be a lot of interesting trip reports posted in the next few days as people return to home and their computers. The next time I'm able to get on line, there will be a new blog called: There's nothing on it now, but there will be soon. Thanks for the nice comments I've received about the pictures. I'm sorry that I didn't get everyone, but my brain can only handle so much. If you're not here, it wasn't intentional.
Piper, Lucy and Mary. Waiting for the crowd to finish dinner so they can start selling vroc goodies.
Bev and Karl, Sag, Jim and Chelsea.
Skid, Flaco and Tony D. Good eats!
Jerry "Pop Pop" and a table full of happy VROC people
Big Dave, Beth and Deb at the Last Supper
Cargo, Skid, and Scooter, Just hanging out on Saturday afternoon.
A quiet Saturday afternoon. Most of the rides have returned, people are resting and mapping out their route home. Only a couple more hours until the Bar B Que starts. Krazbob lives in Carson City, so he doesn't have too far to get home.
This in the the parking lot of the Parry Lodge. They let us use it for all the meals.
Howard (Jazzman) and Rosie, enjoying some chicken at the Friday night meal.
Fart taking a little snooze. He was working on Fly's laptop. There are 2 perfectly good beds in the room, but I guess in New Zealand they prefer to sleep in chairs!
Slots is giving Phyliss a ride! tc looks on. This is the last of the shots of the Friday night Birthday party for Craig Scott. I't's passed my bedtime, so....tomorrow's another day. The RRR will be winding down.
Chunk and Deb. What serious people! Just snapped the camera between laughter I guess
Linda and Howard (Nitelite)
Bev, Teresa and Jake, and Chelsea

Friday, June 24, 2005

Brillo in his new "dorky" mesh jacket . Next step is a Gold Wing. We're working on him!
Batman showed up this afternoon, came in on a Thunder storm!
Slash (Kelly from Texas) sporting her new favorite shirt.
Six pack Jack showed up from Georgia. He's down to a "2 pack" today! Doctor Jack is another of our "hard riders"
Ace. Another of our Canadian contingency!
Captain Kirk and Buckey. The starship just rolled in today.
Slots is enjoying his new "Retirement life", Cat gives him a hug.
Jim Segilar snd Craig Scott. These Canadians are weird! Craig says "there are many used for this stuff" as he takes a squirt of WD-40.
One of my "all time favorits" for this rally! Toa and Roxie!
Blondie and Teresa. They only met a couple of days ago, VROC help devolop good friendships!
Malichi and Mark Brown (Trout) Open your eyes mark!
Jest. You can count on those Californians to get tacky! What a guy! I guess this means we're "Bosom buddies" now.
Scorpion~ with his lovely wife Mary. He's been keeping her a secret from us for too long. Mary, it's good to see you at a VROC event!
John (formerly Pugg) watches Ham and Rocketgirl. They have only been in town a few minutes, still in their riding clothes.
Karl Guzzo working on the buffet line. He and Bev have been a big help to Jack and Barb, making use everything is going well. And they have all done a fine job!
Skid and Ham...The new owner of Sherm's Cycle Products. He and Rocket Girl just rode in.
One of our favorite VROC couples, and they came all the way from New Zealand. Toa and Blondie.
Jim Lohman and his daughter Chelsea. Good riders, both!
Lisa and Mark. Good VROC friends from Holbrook.
Steel City and Texas! What a crew! Nickels, B-man and Yummie.
This is Kelly (we have 3 of them here, at least) His nic is Shoeless, and for those of you that don't know he has a brother named Hotsauce.
Fly with his official RRR shirt, and Jerry "Pop Pop"Zimmerman.
Toa doing his thing of introducing the birthday boy, as tc looks on. Meanwhile the cake is about ready to catch the barn on fire!
Barb and Phyliss watching the buffet line.
Watching Craig blow out the candles!
Craig is "full of wind", at least he was before blowing out all 50 candles in one shot! TC is holding the cake.
Barb 4E presenting Craig with some things for his big 5-0 Day.
The group photo. There were dozens of vroc'ers that weren't here for this picture, many out eating or playing or riding, but this is a good representation. You don't have to look to close in the shot, I broke it down into sections down the line here.
The guest of honor, Craig Scott, right in the center of the picture.
And this is the "starboard side of the group shot.
This is the "amidship" shot of the group picture.
This would be the "port" side of the group shot.
The birthday boy Craig with Teresa and Blondie. He says "take your time" any one else want to go to their room for a camera?
The "Man of the Hour". Craig Scott is 50 today. In about 10 minutes we're having a surprise party for him! There will be lots of pictures later. I'm out of here now, time to go socialize and do some more "snapping". Oh, Bucky just stopped by and said we should make up a calendar of VROC ladies. What a novel idea!!! That girl needs to read the newsgroup more!