Saturday, June 25, 2005

As the sun sets over Kanab, UT, the RRR is almost history. Jack & Barb,Karl and Bev, all did a lot of work. Others helped too, It was an excellent rally. The buffet line tonight was plentiful and good. As with every VROC gathering, old friendships were renewed, and new ones made. A few have left, but most will ride out in the morning, in all different directions. There are forest fires all around us, and more thunder and lightning storms are in the forecast. I'm sure there will be a lot of interesting trip reports posted in the next few days as people return to home and their computers. The next time I'm able to get on line, there will be a new blog called: There's nothing on it now, but there will be soon. Thanks for the nice comments I've received about the pictures. I'm sorry that I didn't get everyone, but my brain can only handle so much. If you're not here, it wasn't intentional.


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